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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Broad-Spectrum Treatment Strategy to Address HIV, Hepatitis-C (HCV) and other Infectious Disease Conditions; Q&A with Aethlon Medical (OTCBB: AEMD) CEO, Jim Joyce

Point Roberts, WA. - April 14, 2011 �, a leader in sector stock research presents a new interview in its series of biotech Q&A's, featuring Jim Joyce, CEO of Aethlon Medical (OTCBB: AEMD).
The Hemopurifier® from Aethlon Medical is a first-in-class medical device candidate to treat infectious disease. Human studies have documented that the Hemopurifier® can significantly reduce viral load in Hepatitis-C virus (HCV) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infected patients in the absence of antiviral drugs. A study is currently underway to demonstrate the benefit of the Hemopurifier® as an adjunct to HCV drug therapy. Additional details can be accessed online at
Q&A Interview
InvestorIdeas: How does your Hemopurifier® differ from drug therapies to treat infectious disease?
Mr. Joyce: Well, our approach is a complete departure from the consensus approach of introducing drug agents into the body to inhibit viral replication. As you are likely aware, these agents can have countering side effects or mechanisms of action that may not be fully understood. So, instead of adding agents into the body, our Hemopurifier® subtracts or removes viruses and other harmful particles from circulation without drug-related side effects. We think our therapeutic filtration approach could redefine the premise of how to treat infectious disease and we believe our strategy is far more innovative than another me-too drug inhibitor.
InvestorIdeas: Is a device that removes harmful particles from the body really considered to be innovative?
Mr. Joyce: The idea of a therapeutic filtration device that can remove harmful particles from circulation is not original. The basis of kidney dialysis, which keeps individuals with renal disease alive, is based on therapeutic filtration. However, like dialysis, previous therapeutic filtration strategies have sought to remove particles from circulation by molecule size, which is an indiscriminate approach that can also remove elements from circulation that are required for health. This factor has primarily limited the use of therapeutic filtration to niche markets. Our Hemopurifier® is truly innovative in the sense that we discriminate to selectively remove infectious viruses and other harmful particles from the entire circulatory system. It is this advancement that allows us to pursue opportunities in the much larger infectious disease and cancer markets.
InvestorIdeas: So it would seem your Hemopurifier® is positioned as a competitor to drug therapies.
Mr. Joyce: That is certainly not our intent. In fact, we expect to be an ally to the drug industry for several compelling reasons. First, if you really want to enhance or extend the benefit of drug therapies, you remove the strains of viruses that are causing drugs to fail and you do it without adding drug toxicity or interaction risks. But to fully unlock the capability of drug therapies you need to provide other complementary mechanisms that are beyond the reach of drugs. In that regard, we provide a strategy to address the toxins shed from viral surfaces to kill immune cells and particles known as exosomes that allow viruses to transport other disease-enhancing particles below the surveillance of the immune system. So our device in combination with drug therapy would seem to be a win-win scenario.
InvestorIdeas: What if a virus is not treatable with drug therapy?
Mr. Joyce: In reality, a vast majority of the viruses that are known to be infectious to man are not treatable with drugs. In scenarios that are life threatening, our Hemopurifer® is likely to be the sole strategy to address viral infections that are not treatable with drugs. For this reason, our Hemopurifier® is immensely valuable as new viruses like the coronavirus underlying the SARS outbreak of 2003 will emerge naturally in the future. We also face the looming threat of biological weapons purposely designed to defeat drug therapies. In either case, our Hemopurifier® provides a decision free first response that can augment the body's own immune response to such exposures, which is certainly more logical than an post-exposure strategy comprised of first identifying the virus that is killing people, and then establishing post-death research programs that may or may not yield a viable treatment candidate years after the fact.
InvestorIdeas: Thank you.
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