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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Biotech/Pharma Stocks News; UV Flu Technologies (OTCBB: UVFT) Subsidiary Introduces RX6500 Air Purifier Designed for Counter-Bioterrorism Market

CENTERVILLE, MA – April 19, 2011 ( Newswire) - UV Flu Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: UVFT) (the "Company") announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Rx Air Industries, LLC, ("RxAir") headquartered in Dallas, Texas, has introduced the RX-6500, an air filtration system specifically designed for Homeland Security applications.
The RX6500 features include an airflow of 2,500cfm, ozone free germicidal UV, micro-processor with data port for remote monitoring and alarm codes, and HEPA filtration systems that removes 99.97% of contaminants greater than 0.3 microns. The unit also has a chemical adsorption filtration pack specifically designed for military applications, providing protection against cyanogens chloride (CK), Sarin (GB), hydrogen cyanide (AC), and industrial gases such as chlorine. The unit can also create and maintain an isolation environment in a shelter up to 2,000 sq. feet, such as a mobile hospital or command center, up to required standards as proposed by the CDC.
RxAir ( is a well-known and highly regarded manufacturer of high quality air purification equipment designed for applications within the medical and hospitality marketplace, and also includes products geared for specialized industrial applications, such as emergency preparedness. The RX6500 was one of three products included in the acquisition of the Company by UV Flu Technologies, but was never previously marketed due to capital constraints. The Company's two main products, the RX3000, which is the Company's best seller, provides air purification coverage in spaces up to 2000 sq. ft, while the RX4500, also known as the "Smoke Handler," is the preferred choice of hospitality establishments nationwide, and in a system of 2 units can protect spaces of up to 20,000 sq. feet, and can be connected to existing ductwork. Both units can remove more than 99.97% of airborne contaminants and pathogens greater than 0.3 micrometers in size, and are designed with exterior cabinetry able to match any d├ęcor.
"The RX6500 not only opens up huge new markets to us, it illustrates our capability to design, or alter our products for almost any application involving air purification," said Jack Lennon, President of UV Flu Technologies. "Given that RxAir products are manufactured here in the United States, we are taking steps to become eligible for bidding on military, as well as other government contracts. With all of the unrest in the World today, having a product that can clear a space up to 2,000 sq. ft, from poisonous or toxic gasses within minutes is an important tool to keep our citizens safe, whether from a terrorist threat, pandemic, or an industrial accident. Government or military buildings, schools, control rooms or hospitals are all potential markets for our products. Through continuous testing and product improvement, we plan to become recognized innovators in this multi-billion dollar air quality sector."
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About UV Flu Technologies, Inc. (OTC.BB:UVFT)
UV Flu Technologies is an innovative developer, manufacturer and distributor of bio technology products initially targeting the rapidly growing Indoor Air Quality ("IAQ") industry sector (over $7.7 billion in 2008). The Company manufactures the ViraTech UV-400, which utilizes high-intensity ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) inside a killing chamber that goes beyond filtration to destroy harmful airborne bacteria, at rates exceeding 99.2% on a first-pass basis, while also reducing the concentrations of odors, and VOC's (volatile organic compounds, such as acetone, benzene, formaldehyde, etc.) The FDA has issued a coveted Class II medical listing that enables UV Flu Technologies to market the product as a medical device. For more information, visit: For sales:
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