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Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - Featured Special Biotech Report; UV Flu Technologies (OTCBB: UVFT), written by Michael Williams at - Featured Special Biotech Report; UV Flu Technologies (OTCBB: UVFT), written by Michael Williams at

10 reasons to invest in UV Flu Technologies (OTCBB: UVFT)

Point Roberts, WA –October 18, 2010 ( Newswire, publishes the following biotech stock report on UV Flu Technologies (OTCBB: UVFT), written by Michael Williams at Michael Williams is America’s top authority on small-cap biotech stock picks. features third party research in multiple industry sectors including biotech. More third party research reports can be found at

Report Excerpt:
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Michael’s latest winning biotech pick is profiled inside this Special Report.
Every few years or so, the “perfect” scenario unfolds for a particular investment. A company may have a great product, for example...and by investing in that company at a time when the market for that product is poised to skyrocket... well, the potential exists for life-altering gains.
My name is Michael Williams, Editor of Market Movers, and it’s my job to uncover those overlooked and potentially “perfect” opportunities and show my readers how to exploit those situations.
Why settle for “boring” 10 - 20% returns?
There’s nothing wrong with earning a 10% or 20% return on a stock, but at Market Movers, modest profits don’t get our blood racing or our pulse pounding.

My subscribers and I are addicted to the thrill of home runs: buying a small, undiscovered company and watching its share price go through the roof! That’s why I think you will be interested in reading more about my current pick, UV Flu Technologies (UVFT), an emerging company that is about to become a major player in the biotech industry.
How do you separate the winners from the losers with biotech stocks? By remembering that winners outperform the market for five very specific reasons.

We look at a company’s leadership. Are they experienced and have they proven their skills at other companies?
Are their future earnings robust, yet currently priced well below (up to 80%) their fair value?
Most of our stocks are either selling at a deep discount to their net current asset value, or their P/E is reasonably priced within the average range for their sector.
Business Plan.
Do they have a sound business plan? Without the right directions you can never get to where you’re going.
Market Trends.
Out of the few companies that get this far our team then looks over current political, economic and investment trends to make our final recommendations. Social, political and economic trends must be moving in the right direction. Investors must be confident that prices will be heading up, and as the enclosed report details, biotech has never been hotter - and demand is expected to continue soaring!
Investor Awareness.
Furthermore, ‘hot’ stocks are almost always actively marketed to investors - and everyone benefits because shares are like products: THEY MUST BE SOLD. Every biotech company should meet this standard - five out of five, nothing less. If a company is weak in even one area, it won’t make my pick list.
As you’ll see from the attached special report, UV Flu Technologies has a great story to tell - one of the best opportunities to come along in years, as a matter of fact - and they’ll be very aggressive in making sure it gets wide distribution. (After all, what good is an up-and-coming investment if hardly anyone hears about it?!!)
I’d urge you to take a few minutes to learn more about this company, and further investigate its prospects with your broker or investment advisor.

10 reasons to invest in UVFT
…for what could be the killer biotech buy of the year with 370% profit potential!
1. FDA approval has already been received, allowing UVFT to market its product as a medical device—such approval is highly unusual for a biotech at this stage. Not to mention very few air purifiers have FDA approval. That gives UVFT a big competitive edge.

2. Top 5 U.S. Hospitals Put UVFT Technology to Work—UVFT’s UV-400 is already in operation at two of the most respected medical institutions: The Division of Infectious Diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital and New England Baptist Hospital.

3. Independent laboratory testing proves UVFT’s technology works and is 99.2% to 99.9% effective at killing bacteria on the first pass.

4. OSHA, the main U.S. federal agency charged with the enforcement of safety and health legislation, is creating a moneymaking opportunity for UVFT and its shareholders. Indoor air quality is a growing problem, creating health hazards and sick buildings. OSHA is already issuing directives to provide a healthier work environment for workers.

5. This year’s bad flu season is all it will take to send UVFT’s share price soaring to potential highs of 370% or higher. Business and consumers are going to want the best protection available—and it won’t be blue masks.

6. Strong buyout potential by corporate giants 3M or Honeywell that could send share prices through the rafters.

7. Shares at the ground floor entry point of just $0.30— this is the stage you stand to make the biggest gains—this low price still has blue sky potential.

8. Experienced management team—a powerhouse team that’s been with the heavyweights in health care and finance—those such as Johnson and Johnson and Janney Montgomery Scott. One key team member already successfully brought a $20 million per year product to market! Now UVFT is about to do it again. see pg. 10

9. THREE revenue streams already in place: the flagship Viratech UV-400, the smaller version of the UV-400, and replaceable cartridges for the units are all avenues for UVFT to generate a steady revenue stream.

10. UVFT has the first breakthrough in the air purification market in 70 years. Breakthroughs like that create investment opportunities of a lifetime.

Dying for an Answer
Hospital infections kill more people each year than AIDS, breast cancer and auto accidents combined

Next time you check into the hospital you’re going to think twice. What used to be a safe haven for people to get well has virtually become a death sentence. As many as 1 in 10 patients that checks into a U.S. hospital acquires an infection. Nearly 2 million patients a year are infected. What’s worse…
100,000 WILL DIE
As if the toll on human lives was not enough, the costs associated with hospital-acquired bacterial infections are staggering.

The Wall Street Journal reports that hospital acquired infections cost up to $6.5 BILLION a year. What’s more, these highly preventable bacterial infections cost the U.S. about $30 billion a year, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Bacterial infections acquired during hospital stays are so widespread that 26 states have enacted laws requiring hospitals to report their infection rates.
STAPH (MRSA) Infections could propel UVFT to Super Stock Status
In 1993, fewer than 2,000 people in U.S. hospitals would contract a staph infection. By 2005, that number rose to 368,000 and in 2007 staph infections claimed 880,000 victims.

A recent nationwide study showed that patients with staph infections incur hospital costs that are more than triple the average hospital costs of other patients.

MRSA is certainly not the only bacterial infection making us sick and killing us. There are post-surgical wound infections, urinary tract infections, C. Difficile, influenza, pneumonia—the list goes on and on.
Our hospitals want a device that wipes out and kills these harmful bacteria and they will pay to get it. UVFT has the next generation—a revolution in air purification and health care that could dramatically improve every U.S. hospitals bottomline and our health.

Using UVFT’s FDA-approved Viratech UV-400, hospitals can begin obliterating bacteria and airborne pathogens on-the-spot with a 99% kill rate on every pass through. I have not come across even one other product that remotely comes close.

Buy up as many shares of UVFT as you can then sit back and watch it rocket from $0.30 to $0.92 then $1.41 inside of 12 months.

Environmental Protection Agency Warns:
“Indoor air quality poses a greater threat than outdoor air”
Take a look at the rise of chronic respiratory diseases like asthma, for example, and it’s easy to understand why the EPA has proclaimed indoor air quality a major threat.

In 1990, there were 10 million Americans suffering with asthma. Today that number stands at an eye-popping 20 million—DOUBLE in the past 20 years. What’s worse, asthma is projected to DOUBLE again over the next 20 years.

What’s suffocating our ability to breathe free and clear? Bacteria, molds and toxins as well as exposure to chemicals in cleaning agents, pollution, second hand smoke and more—all free floating through the air with nothing to stop them.

UVFT scientists, researchers and engineers saw a tremendous market opportunity to develop an air purification system that would not filter these poisons and toxins but eradicate them—kill them dead.
Indoor air quality is so poor that OSHA is Stepping In.

When the Occupational Safety and Health Administration steps in, businesses like UVFT stand to make a lot of money

While OSHA has not yet called for a formal regulation, it is in the process of calling for new standards in airborne infectious disease protection for health care workers. OSHA’s recent enforcement directive requires that health care employers protect workers from tuberculosis, SARS, H1N1 and other influenza.

For shareholders in UVFT this is huge news. Anytime OSHA issues a directive or anytime a new federal regulation is passed, that spells a tremendous moneymaking opportunity for companies that have to provide products and services to companies that must comply—and for its investors.

Using UVFT’s breakthrough Viratech UV-400 the millions of workplaces and sick buildings around the country can better protect their workers—and their bottomline—from airborne infectious diseases and bacteria.

I’m convinced that UVFT is the next Big Money Winner
And then... there’s the flu
Remember the H1N1 pandemic last year? A staggering $1 BILLION was spent on H1N1 vaccine development with $4.3 BILLION spent on the response. Who could forget the fear over Avian (Bird) Flu or SARS a few years ago? Even seasonal flu kills.
Put it altogether and think of the potential for UVFT’s technology to revolutionize the industry. Influenza, bacterial infections, chronic respiratory diseases—the market for UVFT technology is mind boggling.
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